I've been thinking heavily on the concept of communion with the Self as one of many tools for increasing: vibrational levels. Everything is one, everything is you when you commune with nature, the Self, you step inside the oneness that you truly are. I think this communion is possible in many ways, from rolling on the grass, to grazing through a pasture or touching a tree and a deep way.

I believe the consumption, or partaking, of nature also gives us a path to this communion with the self. Whether it be eating a piece of fruit, smelling a certain fragrance, or perhaps consuming a natural substance that alters our awareness and perception in a perceivable way.

I agree 100% that there are no short-cuts. However, I think our expanded awareness can truly benefit from such communions. And awareness is the key here: perception, experience, and integration of thought and consciousness with those perceptions and experiences of awareness.

Chris and Trinity, I would be really curious to hear your feedback on these thoughts.