I really feel for you Kim - deeply. I know just how hard these things can be. When I left my original marriage, very few people around were in support, my (now) ex wife projected pretty much constant barrages of judgment against me - on more than one occasion she worked to manipulate the system to try to have me sectioned - locked away. This is the nature - in some ways - of the society we find ourselves in.
Often people need to make you wrong in order for them to feel right.

And it can be highly brutal, mentally, emotionally and also physically. Plus you have to remember this is also activating past life karma - where being judged in previous times might have got you stoned or worse. So people will create tremendously harsh circumstances sometimes so the soul can learn to integrate, let go and evolve through these situations - to not be identified with them - to remember themselves as The One, no matter what is going on.

    Let's just be clear, there is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' karma. This is a gross misunderstanding in the spiritual mainstream. Karma is created when the soul 'forgets' its divine connection to The One, and instead identifies with the illusion of reality - the soul fragments and gets lost in the physicality.

    To reclaim that divine connection once more, in those particular circumstances, then by the Law of Attraction, that aspect of the soul which is unrealised, draws to it reflections of the original event that caused the fragmentation - the identification.

    If you reflect on the kinds of challenges humanity has faced during his tenure on earth, all the wars, brutality, inhumanity, then you might get an insight into the kinds of karmic 'fragmentations' people are carrying around at a soul level.

    To evolve, you can't simply ditch this karma like dropping the proverbial hot coals. Because it simply comes back, just in a different form. So when events appear like this on your path, the key is to turn immediately into them, let the pain activate, work to embody surrendering soul into the situation, but then look for the aligned Right Action - your highest truth. The expression of this will integrate soul and fully dissolve the karma - then you don't have to face it again.

Clearly Kim, your journey is all about authentic creation - being able to find aligned choices in very difficult circumstances. If you judge yourself, or allow others to judge you by their value system, or if your choices affect others (as in this case), you'll be challenged to confront and peel off various distortions that prevent you making the aligned choice - the one that is fully supported by the realigning flow of the universe. And of course avoiding the situation is not an option because it just recreates itself.

It gets especially difficult when children are involved, yes. But ultimately you can't shield them from their own karma either. Otherwise they'll just have to recreate the situation too - somewhere else down the path. Consider what's being done to children through the ages - many carry this karma that they must regress into and work through.

So work to confront each layer as it comes up and work through (as you well know how). Then be prepared for the landscape to change as you now infuse soul through that distortion which is peeling off. You'll clearly have to work with your children on this too - I'd say talk to them about what's going on. Work to be as grounded and calm as possible - just give them what you perceive to be the truth and hold the space for them in relation to how they feel. I'd say involve them in the choices as much as possible. Always but always work to de-energise how you share with them - "this is what's going on, this sometimes happens in life. Situations like this can only make us stronger."

When you've worked through a layer like this, take some breathing space - watch the signs and synchronicities to see what may have changed. How do you then feel?

Everyone here is with you Kim.

Sending love

Open <3