Open, Rich, Cathy, Trinity, and Erica I am so grateful for all of the support and kindness. There is such value in the community here when not many out there can relate to what is going on at a deeper level. So nice to "see" you all here and Cathy I can relate to cursing my karma as well, that made me smile! These emotions are coming and going through me constantly. I feel like I am in a hurricane and at times can find the calmness in the eye, whereas other times I am sucked up into the whirlwind. I am continually working to turn into the pain when it arises like what you said here Open...

"So when events appear like this on your path, the key is to turn immediately into them, let the pain activate, work to embody surrendering soul into the situation, but then look for the aligned Right Action - your highest truth. The expression of this will integrate soul and fully dissolve the karma - then you don't have to face it again."

I can see when I do not take the time to balance myself or tune into my soul then the pain can take over and overwhelm me. I have had a space the last few days to meditate, go to the beach, read and breathe. It has helped immensely. Ready for another layer.

Much love to you all,