Hi Amy - thanks for the essential contribution. You said...

    "Letting go of having any real control over anything is huge."

The real challenge for a Sirian starsoul is that taking control of the flow WAS the way they operated - I believe it's essentially that which caused the destruction of Sirius B, in a not too disimilar way as is happening here on Earth.

There's a challenge in it though. And that is that every distortion is based on an original truth. So we ARE here to make a difference. Beings such as us, are designed to harness a flow and animate it - to bring it too life. And that requires a lot of commitment, focus and will - ray 1 - particularly in dense environments, where justice and rightness fall by the wayside.

The challenge I've found, is in staying focused and committed, whilst surrendering at the same time. So it's like you progressively focus. Your consciousness moves a bit like a metaphoric jelly fish (LOL). By working with the ray 3 too, you're constantly attuning the degree of focus and attention necessary - but essentially without overriding the co-creative flow which is happening.

A challenge and a tall order no doubt. And bound to bring with it lots of confusion, uncertainty and pain. But there are massive gains to be made too. When we can master this flowing creativity, then we make a real constructive difference to the world.


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