You read my mind, Open, about my soul's yearning to balance warrior will and surrendered acceptance. I'm caught up in an inequitable situation that is wearing me down and am struggling to find the 'right' balance. I have been searching my soul and asking myself, "Am I trying to control what's going down, or am I truly trying to realign energy gone awry?"

Part of me wants to walk away and avoid controversy, and part of me wants to rise to the challenge to help infuse integrity, transparency, respect, and accountability into the situation. I'm being ignored and am being treated like an outcast and a trouble maker since I am going against the tide. It feels right at this point in time to reach out and seek the support of others on the same mission as me rather than go it alone as I have often tended to do. I know there are those times when we're being called to go it alone and do what feels right no matter what if we can't find the support of others. It could go either way.

Your comments are totally synchronistic for where I'm at. Thank you.