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Hi Open,

Things here have taken an unexpected turn (for me anyway) since the last online event we just did and I felt it cleared me of something and my pain levels have gone down to pretty much no pain at all.   Now,  the house I was given, but not put in my name, appears to be about ready to be sold out from under me very soon. The person that bought it for me got vaxxed and then had a stroke and health issues so now feels he needs to get more money very soon and I can only a little pay more than I have been and he says it's not nearly enough.  I'm on a fixed income right now, unless a miracle happens.   He'd told me he was going to contact a realtor for an appraisal but would not be selling the house.  A few days later now he says if this landlord thing he's counting on doesn't go through, he will just sell the house.  I had a feeling he was going to sell it, a psychic knowing... and the process he's hoping for is not looking good.

I feel betrayed but know there's a reason for this.  I've felt so sad, yet barely cried at all.  I just feel empty and numb mostly.  I've been doing breathing/feeling through the chakras, and working on keeping my chakras open and not being tight, so I can be open to synchronicity.  Mostly I've felt for a quite a while that time here on earth wasn't going to be years.  That maybe was just for me because unless something connects I may be living in my vehicle and I don't feel that will last for long.  I've really lost interest in being on the planet any longer.  I've worked daily on clearing and grounding and trying to move things out of my energy field that aren't my energy.

I had started decluttering the house after you'd said that recently and it seems to have really snowballed into going to get rid of lots of my things.  I'm fine with getting rid of a lot.  I've been dragging things around and keeping it all in storage units for a long time.

So do I just be still, breathe and wait for a sign?  I've thought about looking into finding a room to rent again but rents are very high here, nothing I can pay unless someone just accepts a very small amount.  I don't have my heart in it and I surely don't want to go back to the rat shit infected dump of a house I rented in for 6 months before I got this house.  The rat shit was literally deep on the floors, rats coming in, animals had peed and ruined the carpets to where they are just a rotting torn mess.  The house is really not safe to be living in.  At this point nothing seems to be open to me yet, except possibly that nasty house.  I think I'll be here in my house for maybe a few more weeks before having to move out.  I should be able to still do the Aug. Lion's Gate event.  I did pay another month on the internet/tv service to be able to connect with you and everyone for Lion's Gate.  After that it's an unknown as to where I'll go or what will happen.  I'm pretty sure this is the dark, unpleasant side of things that happen to us.  So that's why I've been still and allowing the flow not to get tight and stuck to the best of my ability.

Any thoughts about all this?  Is my time about up on planet earth?  That's fine with me if it is.  I have no motivation at all.

I am looking forward very much to the Lion's Gate event but not much else.  Thank you for always presenting things that make a big impact for me.

Praying EmojiHeart

Sherri (Kellyanne in the Openhander's group)