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Hi Sherri,

I understand these shifts that happen in life, especially now, can be tough. And it's easy to see the negative side of things. But you are a powerful being beyond measure and when you don't funnel your consciousness down a contraction of what you expect is going to happen, then you open up for limitless possibility.

The key is to see this next transition as a gift - one that exposes where you get stuck in the density - where you allow it to limit you. "Miracles" can and do happen, everywhere and all the time - but not if we don't allow for the possibility of that.

My recommendation is three fold: (1) keep unravelling whatever density comes up by applying the Breakthrough Approach (2) Work to keep opening the chakras and especially the crown chakra - to allow in more spontaneous magic (3) Just focus on the next immediate step, without getting pulled into imaginings of possible negative outcomes.

I felt to share this clip from peaceful warrior with you, about how these "accidents" in life are the training that lead to our immaculate evolution...

Much love and best wishes

Open ♥️