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Thank for the reply Open, it reminded me that miracles have happened to me plenty of times.  I cannot watch the peaceful warrior video you posted, copyrights here have blocked me from seeing it.

So I've been concentrating on the crown and all my chakras to keep them open but can't tell if they're staying open, or open enough.  I'll keep working on that.  The negative thoughts seem to just pop in so I thought foreign energies were doing it and I've kept telling that negativity to leave.  As I've been cleaning out the clutter of material items I've carried around for years, some I don't even care about but some I really enjoy, I've noticed my "feelings inside me" appear to be lighter.

The more bags of things that go out the door into the trash, the lighter I feel inside.  ( note:  I have to throw things away, donate or give away.  We're banned from any burning of anything due to extreme fire season)  People have called me a Material Magnet for a long time, I attract tons of things, gifts, "just stuff" from people all the time and it's just collected into a big bunch of stuff even though I enjoy most of it.  So....onward with the decluttering.  Onward with the keeping chakras open and focusing on the next step and working to focus on limitless possibilities and not the negative crap that pops into my thoughts.

Thank you for the words I always need to hear.  Along with everything else I'll be looking towards the Lion's Gate online event too.  So I called the friend where I lived before moving to this house, and the family will welcome me back and rent me a room again if need be.  He said the rats have been pretty much controlled.  But I won't limit my options to just that.  I'll allow for whatever wants to come to me so I don't cheat myself from the magical things.  I'm still hanging in there and working through things with the breathing and unraveling.  I don't know why I've felt all the planetary things would not go on for years, but end pretty soon. 

One last thing, since the peaceful warrior video is blocked in this country, can you tell me what it's about...the message in it?  I'd love to know.

Much love, Sherri  Praying EmojiHeart