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Hi Sherri - the key message from the Peaceful Warrior clip is that the "accident is your training". In other words, when it gets difficult like this, that's the path you've chosen for your soul growth. You just have to figure out what it's telling you?

From what you describe and what I know from previous retreats, is that you've probably got an entity projecting negative thoughts through the crown. Usually these will attach in one or other of the chakras where there's unconsciousness. Explore the sacrum or solar plexus - feel into the chakras with the chakra attunement breathing Work to soften, unravel and eject anything that you find there.

Also in terms of guidance and what informs your reality forwards, I would say work to focus more on feeling than thought - then the intervention will diminish because it can't feed off the negative energy loops.

Much love

Open 🙏