Thanks so much for this vitally important forum thread Trinity. It's something that's been on my radar screen for many years.

I wonder if people reading this are truly aware of what's going on around the world?

As usual, it's been swept under the carpet by the matrix, keen to paint the continued picture of 'business as normal'.

So what is it all about?

I believe things will become increasingly clear in the few years ahead. Obviously we can point to accelerated climate change, human over population and environmental pollution. But my heart tells me it is something much deeper than that and far more significant. It tells me that Gaia is beginning her cleansing and healing process. For me, a big part of that, is the cleansing of the earth's surface and the movement of life into a higher vibrational paradigm - life that is at one with the natural evolutionary flow.

    The usual background level of extinction, known from our fossil records is between 10 and 100 species per year (counting all organisms such as insects, bacteria, and fungi). Scientific estimates suggest that the current rate of extinction may be upto as much as 27,000 species per year! Yes, astounding isn't it? Quietly, in the background, scientists around the wold are already speaking of a mass extinction being underway - in the sense of the six mass extinctions seen on this planet through the course of its history.

Here are some important links corroborating my view of mass extinction being underway:

Whilst of course I am deeply saddened by this turn of events, I can also see that a realignment in the natural order of life is going to happen. What would in my eyes be far worse, is a limping along of the status quo, which continues to destroy the earth and dehumanise people.