Last year Scotland saw quite a rare event; 70 pilot wales stranded in the Kyle of Durness in Sutherland died in what is believed to be Scotland's largest ever beaching of pilot whales. 25 died. In November 2010, 35 whales were found dead on a beach in County Donegal in Ireland.

Early September 2012 16 Pilot wales died of the coast of Fife Scotland.

September 2012, 22 pilot whales came ashore at Avalon Beach State Park in Florida, many of whom died.

There are many more stories like this including huge strandings in New Zealand in recent times.

Mass strandings are not unusual.. but it feels like it happening more frequently than usual. Different factors can affect whether whales beach themselves or not. They may follow a confused leader. They may have there internal radar disrupted by disruption in the magnetic field, sonar, shipping noise, pollution. There is also a theory that whales and ocean life are affected by seismic activity. So an underwater earthquake may steer them off course.

Whatever the cause, it seems to be happening more and more in places that haven't seen it at that scale before!