Yes, there are weird things happening in the nature lately and a whole wave of extinctions is afoot. It is sad, it leaves you feel hopeless. But what if these extinctions are just one part of a two-fold process? What if all these vanishing species are "making space" for new species that are to arrive soon?

I was taught at school that species do not change or that it takes long time (perhaps thousands of years) for species to change. This view has changed today. It is proven from fossil records that in some periods of history of life on this Earth (they come in cycles/waves spaced apart by several millions of years) there were all of sudden brand new species, families and orders of life created! Just appeared, in a huge spontaneous evolutionary leap!

Now, obviously, this is probably not a "comfortable" process for the living organisms. Let us explain it this way: people change firstly because they WANT TO, driven as if from inside, through love, sincerity and awareness (although even this is not an easy process), and secondly people change because they HAVE TO, through suffering and deciding that there was enough suffering in their lives. This second option is MUCH more common. Similarly, I believe that new species arise because they have to, due to some pressure and not because they decide- let us evolve! Only humans could do that, in my opinion.

What can you feel as you read those lines? Does this sound as a possibility to you?