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Thank you for welcoming me.

You are right, it is a challenging, cleansing process that is happening now and it includes many changes, including the extinctions.
One could ask: what can I do about it? (See- I like to "fix" things- this can be sometimes a weakness, it hinders acceptance)
As I see it, it is OK to feel sad or angry about it, but not to be lost in that emotion. Also, natural reaction would be frustration, because these emotions can't be converted into meaningful action. One could become an activist, for example, and protest and resist these changes, but this would not heal these emotions, it would only make them stronger and part of "me" ("I am an activist" character).
Of course, there are many wonderful movements that create a positive change in the world (like permaculture on the level of healing our natural environment, or Openhand on the level of human awakening and ascension).

As for me, I grow some of my vegetables, I "make" a good soil for them and I talk to them and they grow well. I teach yoga and I love it. And I try to wake up to myself, every day. Sometimes I shine, sometimes not, but the intention is there. This is my contribution to the Life on this planet. Ha ha, I would even say this is the only way to survive- to wake up!

Rumi's poem is beautiful. Just when my heart opened and my eyes got wet, he is saying: Why do you weep? Hmm, how did he know? ;-)

Also, he says that the source is growing, branching out, giving new life. This makes me feel sooo good. I KNOW this is truth.