Thanks Open for this because i can feel it anywhere i go . On the one side , the consumptive hidden agenda most people buy in - and it's immediate horrible consequences : Waste & polllution & no recycling . Anytime i go to the water spring , i feel so deceived by how people treat that " Gift from Gaia " by littering around in the forest and the spring area . Yesterday , there was a broken glass bottle hanging there 2 meters away !!! How come again people don't take full responsabilities for their actions / espacially if that may hurt a child or an animal around . So , what i always feel to do is gather the litter and carry them with me to be recycled . Alongside the roads , the number of aluminium / plastic cans are all over the place . Just thrown by the window by some unconscious drivers ( they probably beleive this Earth can take that much for more 200 years or so !!!) . And so , now , after only 2 generations , half of the has gone without most people knowing it !!! Now , more than ever , i am commited to give out as much Love & care that i can to Gaia and it's wonderful nature habitants & use just what's needed to feel healthy , motivated and compassionate about living Beings .
A beautiful example is happening for the moment in my garden :
2 weeks ago , a couple of common ducks appeared hanging around the garden & the tiny pond . I thought at first that they just made a stop for some refreshments on the way to another spot in the region . It appears that they were not just passing by but felt this garden would be the perfect natural spot for a nest . So , i found out the little area where the female layed her eggs ( at least 3 ) , just outside one of the house walls . I read that the female will guard her eggs for 28 days until they new born come alive .
It's such a beautiful reminder than we are so connected to the whole of Mother nature & Life - that life is always showing us back kindness for the kindness we express every day in different ways .
I also came to intuitively understand that those ducks have less space to create their nest than 5,10,20 years ago - due to the ever increasing " consumption " of natural space & ressources by humans (who don't care at all for the consequences ) . What's amazing in the same time is the fact those ducks " Knew " where to go to feel safe enough & cared for . What a blessing ! I also been guided to talk to them gently ; reassuring them that they can be here as long as they want to & i enjoy their presence . During the last 3 weeks , i came across of few duck couples in the region trying to get their nest build in unexpected area . It indicates a will to adapt to the overall situation mankind has build up within a very short time .
It's often saddening to observe so many people around absolutely unconcerned about what's taking place . To a certain extend , it came to me that even people living in the countryside around here seem to not be even connected to nature around them - they never speak about it's uplifting / empowering beauty or even how Mother nature could make them feel so alive / and loving life more . It also landed that the Matrix is so strong to pull people out of their true sensitivity - and in the " doing " mode so that they can't see the beauty around or what they would be invited to change . That's a powerful realization and gives me even more motivation to care for nature and it's beautiful inhabitants .