Well wonderful - the exchanges are inspiring a deep exploration and profound realisations.

You ask "what's the point?" LOL!!!

The point is, there is no one here to have a point, a design, an absolute intention. It's only the ego that gets wrapped up in the point.

When you let go of the need for there to be a point, then what you discover is that life just happens. There's a flow, with a totally natural alignment to it. The universe exploded into form flowing in certain direction towards increasing separation. And so 'the point' is that there's a flow back to the source aswell.

Gaia, and Humanity, are (from my perspective) realigning with the flow back to the source - to ever higher dimensions and finer experiences of interconnectivity. Anything that tries to resist that, creates an anomaly in the flow - an eddy current. When an eddy current is thus created, the stronger it resists, the greater the energy of the stream it draws to itself to unwind the eddy current. The unwinding of the eddy current becomes inevitable. It's just a question of how much energy is needed to unwind it. It's directly relational to how strongly society resists.

So if you still labour under the illusion that there's a choice, because there's still ego, the invitation is to unwind the choice, the need for it to happen a certain way, or the resistance to it happening a certain way, in which case you become that which is unwinding the eddy current, that which is aligned with the flow, that which is eternal!