What's the difference between true empowerment and confidence? It's all in the wording.

I find that often when people speak of building 'confidence' in the spiritual mainstream, it's about putting something on. Like using a daily mantra to convince yourself of something you're supposed to believe in. But this does nothing to expose and unravel subconscious doubt. It only plasters another layer of identity on top. That identity will never be who your truly are, and will at some point, inevitably break down.

Instead, the Openhand Approach, is to allow the insecurities to bubble to the surface. But rather than surpressing, denying, pushing away or allowing self-judgment to block access to the true depth of it, rather it is to get right into the expression of it. How has this doubt arisen? Where did it come from? Probably either past life karma, or conditioning and programming by parents, teachers and society.

Let's be clear, there can be nothing at all wrong with the quintessence of you. How can I say this? Because you are totally unique. There is nothing in the universe exactly like you. Hence, in your deepest self, you are utterly priceless. And since the Universe is all about being, then can be absolutely nothing wrong in you being you. The key is to surrender into the vulnerability of this and trust that this essence can survive and prosper in this often harsh world. It most definitely can! If you just give it a chance and let authentic beingness arise and create your expressions, then you'll start to find each step emerges from that. Somehow it all works out. But you do have to test this. And you definitely have to give up expectation of where you think it 'should go'. The question is: do you have enough energy and resources to complete this immediate step? If so, step into it with your authentic energy.

You'll find trust and true confidence (something that naturally arises rather than being put on) build because you notice each moment leads to another, somehow you have enough, somehow it all works out for you. Each step builds on the previous one. Progressively natural confidence and energy build. Divine manifestation happens more readily. You find yourself naturally supported by the flow.

So I find the key to this true confidence building is to surrender into the total vulnerability of the moment. To be yourself, come what may!

In loving support

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