I was deeeply moved by our last formal lesson at the Tofo OpenHand retreat that it’s made me feel like I’m mourning the pain of subjugation so naturally this is my chosen meditation, my first morning back home from the retreat.

I have been so unaware of so many things and going on retreat for a paradigm shift has resulted in just that.

Naturally I am keen on ascending with Gaia. It’s all about how well we connect with Gaia that guide us to making respectful choices.

Self love needs soul food.

We learnt that during our retreat and the session was quite hectic and as a group we wholeheartedly delved into it and it’s been quite remarkable.

Brings to me the question, how do we move past the conditioning when it’s go on so long and so unnoticed for so long? I look at my children and can’t believe how wreckless a life without the right kind of information to make better. Choices, including food choices, can be.