I really connect with this article, Open. There is so much good stuff in it. I was just writing a blog entry about the Stillness and holding space for possibilities. Your article provided a “connective tissue” for perceptions that seemed separate. More importantly, it provoked more questions that are now working their way in my consciousness.

You said:
“It's a place of absolute perfection, crystal clear clarity. It is infinite potential yet absolutely empty. It is the beginning, the end, and everything in between. It is the Void of Silence.”

I resonate with this a lot. If it is not empty, if you put something in it, it becomes finite. This emptiness is everything and it feels to me also like an unlimited potential. I like calling it Dynamic Stillness (a term coined by the craniosacral people) because even though it is empty it holds infinite possibilities.

From that Stillness arises intention to become, which then manifests as the drive to become (would it be the moment when soul's individual drive to express comes into play?). This powers the organization of elements, which leads to cohesion and into the physical manifestation of the original intention. That seems to me to be the transmutation process. It also seems that it is not quite as linear as I’m describing it here, like it is not really happening from left to right, but more from up to down and is not really locked to a moment in the linear timeline.

I was also pondering what happens when I hold on to something, may it be an expectation of a future event or current status quo? I feel this chokes the initial potential for manifestation. Just like in quantum physics, or in the case of the Shroedinger’s cat (the cat is both alive and dead as long as we don't open the box). When I focus on one possibility, one outcome, I exclude all the other. This seems to be creating an inertia (attachment) in my being. The inertia then becomes a fulcrum that redirects the flow. The recipe for a distortion!

You also said:
“Who created it and how was the creator created? Throughout our history, the human mind has played endless control games with that conundrum! The problem is that the mind is so used to some-thing, that it's practically impossible to imagine no-thing.”

I feel the question, not just the answer, may be distorted, because it assumes the linearity of time. This rigid model of time simply doesn’t reflect the nature of experience. I sometimes feel that time is not all that fixed… as a society we are simply used to the assumption that something happens before something else, but I feel something important is missing in that assumption. Also, time feels slower (and swelling up sideways) when I am aware and in the moment, speeds up (becoming thin) when I express a distortion. This whole time thing is a massive topic on its own and a very important one too. It is woven into most perceptions of "reality". I found busting some of the perception of time caused massive shifts in my consciousness. It is also possible that the shifts busted the perception of time or that all this happened simultaneously.

There is so much more to ponder in your article and it is all so very interesting. I’m really grateful that you can express it in such a coherent way! Thank you.


PS. I wrote the above yesterday and the page glitched out on me, posting only the empty space (the Void!). Wow. The Universe speaks so powerfully sometimes... :-)