I've been waiting for another to join me in speaking of the 'Void' this way. 
I've been in connection with/re-'member'ing of, and speaking about the void beyond all for a few years now. 
And have been dropping little hints at what one really seeks and wants is 'No-Thing' and to 'Know No-thing now that is really something' etc... 'Beyond Everything is Nothing and beyond Nothing is Everything'. 
To be or not to be.. that is the 'Choice'. When we choose 'BE'ing we material'I'ze becomig Some'thing' , and when we let go of that choice we can choose No-thingness once again. It's quite the fun and amazing journey this Painfully, Beautifully, Blissfull, Eternal Life.
Yes... WooooHoooooo, aaand thaaank you for all you Be and Do!  Praying Emoji Wink Emoji Heart