Last week it dawned on me what a huge sign I somehow have put up to help me remember my final mission on earth for this lifetime. Se picture on link below:,_p%C3%A5_natten.JPG
The picture is of a water tower, a well known symbol for my hometown Malmö in Sweden. About 10 years ago I had the honor to do the lightdesign that made the tower - from daytime looking like a spaceship - to night time "being" a spaceship. Doing the design was one of my absolute highlights in my light designer career. Back then I had no idea how much ET:s would draw my attention later on (last two years). Somewhere along the line of those latest years on my "meaning of life investigation" I have looked back at my whole life trying to figure out what was the purpose of different periods. And also what clues the periods left for me to unravel now looking back. The puzzle in total made a great deal of sense for me although I wont here go into details. But for me it became obvious that I am supposed to help humanity in this ongoing shift. I`m supposed to be a way shower and I have always been a light worker (even when I didnt know it). Right now I am so happy to be where I am, awake and ready for next step. I am ready to walk the path, wherever it takes me, and whatever it will demand of me. Big hugs to all of You openhanders. You make big difference to me. I´m not alone anymore!