Ok, at this moment:

1) overcoming laziness, comfort zone, getting up and doing things, living! 2) 'Time management' by softening through anxiety, gaining trust and also learning how to let my passion, willpower and focus have an expression in my life,
3) Letting old habits go, letting the effects of my upbringing go and freeing myself to reach my full potential in all aspects of my being and life - there are specific things, but I won't go into details
4) Combining the high and the low, the light and dense, the abstract and the 'down to earth', and all kinds of other seemingly incompatible dualities
5) Overcoming resistance, negativity and rebellion, making my peace with myself, the world, life, etc
6) Learning to communicate and connect with people, how to see, accept and love them with and beyond the distortions, differences, etc
7) Learning how to balance myself as a human, how to flow, how to be FREE (more important - how to FEEL FREE in any circumstances), but also how to know the boundaries, how to accept them, change my negative perception of them, to make decisions according to the boundaries presented and follow them without effort, stress and whining hhhh
8) Being human and having fun with it

It would be interesting to see how the answers change over time for the same person!

What is important for you? :)