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Great lecture! I feel a door opened with this Exchange (and its filming) and not only for us hearing you but also for Openhand's way of sharing all the precious knowing. Wow! Tons of material squeezed into one small hour! In fact simply the output-sharing could fill many more hours like this (not to mention the intake). I felt the ebb and flow of energy in the lecture hall and a great job balancing it all out, and lifting it. Quite some stuff can evoke some resistance too, and there are some not easily digestable ideas for many, I reckon... I deeply appreciate the courage you stand by (your) truth! And let me also congratulate to Trin's contribution as well, <3, not only for the poetic videos juicing up the presentation itself, but also for the subtly engaging film work of the lecture itself - not something that is easily done! It was so successful it really made me want to go and give you a big hug! My gratitude for your work - as always! Réka