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In considering OC, it's important to begin to move past the black and white approach, otherwise it will be very difficult to understand. There are simply levels of realisation. No one acts malevolently within their particular view on reality.

How many people here shop in a supermarket like Tesco for example? Did you stop to consider the billions of life forms that were exploited, displaced or destroyed simply by the building of one such superstore? So there are levels of realisation and ignorance.

In my understanding, there were several objectives to the seeding of humanity:
- to provide a new more expressive vehicle for the evolving hominids
- to provide a vehicle for star souls to experience dense materiality
- to provide a vehicle for various life forms (including OC) to process their karma

You could say it all went 'wrong'. When in actual fact, the inner distortions of many life forms have been brought to the fore in the mirrors that have been created.

Now is the opportunity for all to embrace the distortions within and to unravel them in the face of ever stronger mirrors.