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Yes the phenomenon that the soul is not eternal, does run counter to the spiritual mainstream, who I feel have taken on reprocessed ideas of other people, but not really tested the validity of what they're sharing. It often comes from identity - not being comfortable with how reality can sometimes be cold and hard (aswell as soft and fluffy!).

What I'm sharing comes from direct experience. I have witnessed directly souls being dissolved - fragmented - through black holes, just as all light based creations can be. Of course clarity of my experience is subjective and dependent on how much I've polished the lens of my soul. But at least it is from direct experience, which I've witnessed; not just something I've heard. The question really though is, not what is real for me, but what is real for you? What do you know? If you don't know what is real in this regard, then I'd advise not to simply take on the beliefs of others, including me. Cast it out and let it go, until you know for sure, what is real real for you.

In answer to the last part about why I changed my name...

To those around me, I changed my name to Open a few years after the car crash, when our souls had switched over. But because I hadn't fully and successfully integrated the soul exchange (what some call a 'walk-in'), I didn't announce it more widely for some years. So for the first few years after the crash, I continued to call myself by the old identity. Finally in 2013, the old soul moved on from my field, there was a big shift internally, and I felt I had no option but to now be totally transparent and call myself by my true soul name.

That said, I don't feel to taint my new/old soul name by relating it to the matrix. So I will not register it in the matrix. For that, I continue to use the old identity (Chris Bourne). It's great, because the system cannot own me nor my real name. I'm what's termed a 'free man'. It's something I would encourage others to explore - assuming you feel it.

I do realise it's slightly complicated, but then I've come to realise, the universe is seldom 'convenient'. But then in not being tied to the system, maybe it is!

Best wishes