I am completely at-one –ment with this article. I’m in divine union with everything at the moment- and not just the bliss ! Now I get it. Where was I thinking that unity in oneness was only about the bliss…. But we can’t get it until we experience it, we can’t know it as a theoretical concept- it ha s to be felt and fully experienced and it comes when it comes, as it comes when the soul is ready , open and fully surrendered when the filter has been removed.
It’s right where I am. Thank-you for this fine tuned insightful article and for all the ascension work you do- you are truly God ‘’sent’’ beyond a shadow of doubt. We are all so blessed to know you.

I can honestly say I am integrating, I know I am because I feel it, the release, I feel different more in unification with my higher God self , the one who is infinite (and I feel the infinity) uninhibited, expanded and in more of a state of equilibrium (no longer fighting my negative thoughts, but seeing through it rapidly and finding the light and feeling the light), and not gonna let anything or anyone try to knock me down this time, because I have work to do. There’s no stop in me this time. The chains are released and beginning to feel I can express more of my own divine individuality. I don’t seem bothered by peoples comments , filters or opinions. I just have no judgement anymore and feel when it’s their stuff or my truth. I even see the humour in it. I feel stronger. How liberating. I feel fully but am totally unattached. Infact ,I have to sometimes question is this real ? is this really happening ? Also my son seems different, he seems more normal, more emotionally tuned and whole, he sees right through things and people. He’s finding his strength.

It all feels very much about atonement and reconcilliation between God and self involving forgiveness of the ‘’original ‘sin’. It’s unbelievable how the original cause can get so distorted as it spirals downwards- Behind it a very real grusome satanic beast like creature . It’s real. Deep down we always new it was very real.

I am here but not of the world, I can accept the density from my travels in the fourth density,I’ve come back but feel beyond duality experiencing the expanded self through various situations (of very very low density), I would never have believed would happen and in it tasks waiting to be activated…..it’s like I am able to confront the moment without fear, without judgement and I feel my expanded self (I have to get use to this feeling)

It began happening when I felt thrust into the fourth dimension into such a low density,I saw the colective human consciousness for what it was, I was stuck in it, I was neither this nor that, just an oberserver, like eternal infinite consciousness, but I was dissolving into it, feeling it’s burden and pain). At first I thought I ‘d been cast out and dissolved back into source which kind of what happened, I was almost dysfunctional in this third realm. But thankfully , by divine grace I have come out of it, and more able to finally accept this very very dense third dimension .

At the same time some purifcation and cleansing was happening at a collective level and I felt I had an invitation in it but before I have had to look at myself. I see this as an ongoing continual process
So when we purify our physical body, emotions ,mental body and remember who we really are in our identity body (we are the christs), then we will have that light flowing through us in unificataion with the divine.

This purification and cleansing process I feel is so paramount……I don’t see any other way or solution.

There is a chapter in the Bible in Revelations 20;1

‘’Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to othe bottomless pit and a great chain. 2 And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand ears, 3 and threw him into othe pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he might not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be released for a little while.’’

This speaks about the day of atonement. The day when humanity and the nations eyes will be fully opened to the truth and awakened and satan will be bound to a bottomless pit.

“”The veil has been lifted “” ……all is transparent. The deception has been lifted and God and self have become ‘’one’’.

I feel this happening and will happen at a full ‘’collective consciousness level’’ in ‘’the not too distant future’’.

I have been invited to work with the violet frequency what I discovered was the seventh ray (I don’t know much about the rays but sychronistically it is about the
“”Ï AM presence are One’’ – the unification process……

I felt to write a little about it as part of my own integration process and understanding , and maybe to scatter some violet rays through the ether, as it fits in with part of this ascension process.
The violet flame is about transmutation, an alchemical term meaning to create positive change, and involves unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine aspects. It connects the God self to pure beingness, like when Jesus says ‘’Ï and the father are one’’, transcending the egoic identity

“”Ï AM -Presence and One”” , in this sense the energy and light will flow from who we are in the spiritual realm- down into the lower third dense dimension.

It seems many people are called to the openhand, to go through this process of integration, to be able to do the work they are called to do, to heal self first before…… In your words

So purifying and integrating inner identities is paramount to spiritual progression. And it's something we need to fully confront as the identities activate. Integral awareness then dissolves the separated self into the light of pure beingness.

Here we find completeness and reintegration, that ‘’nothing in the external world can replace the sense of fulfillment and completeness that you get from going within’’

“”It's an odd paradox, because you don't even realise what's happened and how you've been limited,
until you wake up one day and rediscover the divine blessing that's been denied you.””

This is so true. Satan, the beast, the alien creature , – collective and individual implants are very real. Call it whatever you like. It’s there and will do everything to stop us from ascending.
It’s all about forgiveness, reconciliation and the power of love- truly a divine source from ‘’above’’, purging the soul.

Love is -the power we all have inside of us, when we fully unite with the divine if only at a collective level the world could make it their goal. It would be a very different place to live in..
I guess only we can make that happen in our time that we have. To open eyes.
And I still fell I have a long way to go, this feels like the beginning of the end for me.