I was re- reading this article and asked myself the question do I always put love as my highest truth/ethic.when I fall back into a lower consciousness state ?. Of course not as an emotive truth but as an objective truth. And what is the subjetive part of my feeling in it.I think the soul can honestly aim and is wanting it to be this way, but when we fall back into our separated lower self (and it seems it is possible to fall in and out of this unification state in different dimensions),that sometimes for example anger might cloud the highest love ethic for example when we experience or perceive injustice….. The first reaction is to feel emotively (when in the lower state) and then to unify it with the higher which seems to come a few hours later….. When we are in the unification state in expanded consciousness it all seems to be magically there, we know exactly what to do and how to do it. There is a sense of instant knowing without question .Putting love as the highest ethic ckmes very naturally. So, I figured it’s a skill when in the lower state, some people are very good at it and when confronted can handle things very well, so it’s seems to have something to do with how we process information at at what speed…….and with the ability to see through our own filters and distortions and find the truth ( which to me is the highest love ethic).
I still think it’s about how we say it, how we get our truth across, again in our separated self, it’s much more challenging because we hit the immediate emotive barrier i.e our distortions, our anger or pain, frustration. It is these , these places where I tend to fly off elsewhere, so I keep telling myself come back, come back, feel your feet on mother earth and meet your other self, unify and feel that uprising of authenticity and ’’ right action into place’’, stand in your core truth and value and don’t let the enemy knock you down because of their difficulty in accepting it.

So I am learning to hold the space without judgement, to let and feel the unravelling and to then speak my truth. My son is also learning how to speak his truth. Everything mirrors in his behaviour………it’s interesting how this works and how we are just one vast consciousness of energetic vibration

So, I am still working at unification in this realm, because what I realised is it’s happening in another realm and then might vanish for a few hours, but it is integrating because I can feel it happening. It is like I am continually on a roller coaster of experiences in different states and dimensions…but it does feel like it is all coming together
I just want to find my true state of authenticity. It's like part of feels like I am on step 20, the other switches back to step 3. Sometimes it meets.