I felt to share this article again today, because it's so essential to the path and the Shift to understand the nature of inner identities, how they form and how they impact the soul in daily life. Most importantly, it's essential to understand the basic process of direct confrontation to break them down so as to liberate the soul.

As I expressed in the article above, here's a general approach...

The effects of pain and fear are illusionary, held in place only by our identification with them. Imagine jumping under a cold shower. If you're unused to it, you'll likely 'retract' inwardly, spontaneously contract the muscles, shorten the breath and jump out as quickly as possible. What this does, is simply to cement in your consciousness the idea that it is cold, unpleasant and something to be avoided. The roots of identification, limitation and therefore disempowerment of the soul have begun to take hold. But if instead, you decided to confront the limitation, you might stand under the water and soften into it. You might become intimately engaged with the inner feelings, relax into them and not judge them as 'good' or 'bad'. That way you can penetrate the coldness and find something else beyond the mind's limited judgment. You might find vivacity and aliveness for example. Now you are liberating yourself from the disempowerment; you are cleansing the negative energy you've built up and what's more important, breaking the fixed neural pathways of conditioned behaviours. You're actually breaking down the identities.

Do check out the 8 recommended steps in the article above and if you feel to, share your inquiry with me. How do you confront these filters that languish within? And what do you notice when you do?

In loving support

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