Thanks for the warm welcome! Thanks also for the reply. Thanks mainly though for opening this channel of discussion it interests me greatly, I can see where your approach is going yet I do feel to examine anything for before I commit to it, so I hope I don't come off as argumentative if my intuition leads elsewhere.

So in light of my own feelings I'm lead to ask perhaps that's not why the filter is there, perhaps its there simply to be experienced. In other words to put back the fun into running from a cold shower (using your example).

Not to "disown" it rather to simply BE it and say "Yay! This is who I am"

I feel if we take a myopic view of what life is its easy to paint this world as having a "disruptive nature" as you started your article yet that view may not be so concrete and comes with some burdens of its own. It must come from an identity which differentiates between "true self and the distortion" I'm guessing that identity must carry a perceived burden with that view of the world. I'm not sure but perhaps you do? 

I'm drawn to something Alan Watts put once "if we took the side of white blood cells forever the organism would die of an auto immune disease." With that in mind I feel an option may be to let 'IT' do it for me and release into the experience of being as opposed to trying to change who I am towards a perceived "true self".

Takes the pressure.