Hey Open, 

I don't intend to undermine the Openhand processes. But I wanted to ask this. Can we simplify all of this processes(inner identities, breakthrough, 9step spiritual processes etc) as - be all in and feel the pain without trying to distract or fix it, trust and observe it opening it into presence all of its own accord in its own time. 

Maybe its because I haven't experienced the Openhand processes first hand in courses and I do feel a sense of lack about it occasionally. To me these steps is confusing and it gives a vague feeling that 'i' have to do something about it and I will never be able to reach it. Maybe it's because of the sense of lack I mentioned. I find that whatever I do or used to do is only various strategies to distance myself from the pain or fix it. Maybe it's all there to it - to let go any need for an outcome, or the need to fix it so that I become as one with the pain and processes takes on its own in its time. I feel a huge sense of relief when I think of it in this way