Hi Vimal and Fox,

I think it's very timely that such 'objections' arise from time to time - so thanks for raising them. Praying Emoji

Above all, the Openhand processes are about finding one's own formless form. That's why I'm constantly talking about finding the 'free flow of the soul'. And also 'where is the sense of rightness for you'? What is you truth?

So why the apparent complexity here? What I've witnessed over the years, are the many layers on the inner journey, many forms that people get stuck in , like identity filters for example.

As people often ask on the path... "Is there something wrong with me?" Absolutely not. And if one genuinely feels that way, if you're in that 100%, then no question or challenge by me, by Openhand, nor anyone else could sway you from it.

Often though, an identity will fixate around such statements - and so such an idea in itself can become a trap to further progression.

I put it to you there are no absolutes in the phenomenal Universe of the relative. To progress is to learn to hold paradoxes, not absolute singular truths. So for example: "you are perfect as you are", AND AT THE SAME TIME, the soul can always be more aligned. How can there be phenomenal perfection where everything is relative?

You might also challenge "why is there a need to progress?" People often go into that inquiry - put simply, there isn't. But I put it to you that the soul is naturally progressing as a flow of light. So I could ask in the same breath..."who is resisting the progression?" "Who feels the burden? Why would you control your own unfolding?"

So to me, and plenty of others, the inner world is full of paradoxes. And the invitation is to step into the formlessness by confronting and breaking down form. The reason for writing articles like this, is to call particular identity layers so as to accelerate the process for people. Which is highly effective - on the courses people break through them super fast, with strong infusions of soul.

And as I always say, if a particular approach, process or philosophy aspect does not work for you, and you don't resonate with it, then drop it. Only go with that which feels truly right to you. But I would also advise staying open to other possibilities that have a peripheral resonance, because the consciousness of the soul is constantly evolving, changing, inquring and growing - unless an identity resists it of course!

Open HeartPraying Emoji