Hi Open,

I have some Anastasia-questions for you 😁, regarding the soul’s separation into lower and higher self. I’m being guided to inquire into how this happened for me, but some pieces still remain hazy. So I’m hoping you might be able to shed some light.

In the beginning of this article you said,

Due to disruptive nature of society, it's probably the case that with most, the lower self is separated from higher spiritual awareness at a pretty early age. Whether it be the programmed and conditioning behaviours of our parents, excito-toxins in our food or the electro-smog of modern day gadgetry, effectively the soul is fragmented into the bodymind and a barrier inserted to higher dimensional beingness.

* Is there a particular age when this generally happens or does it vary depending on the individual and the amount of conditioning one receives?

* Is it a gradual process, perhaps spanning over several years or does it happen quicker? For example if there is some kind of trauma that causes dissociation?

* If it is a gradual process, at what age is the process generally completed? Teens?

* Does this happen completely of its own accord, e.g. for a young child, or is it possible that a person can actually aid in the process by actively “pushing” out the higher consciousness? (If this question doesn’t make sense to you, I’ll be happy to explain why I’m asking it)

* Is there something we can do to prevent this separation from happening or is it ‘meant’ to happen? For example, as a parent, can we help our kids to stay connected, or is it not really up to us?

* In a previous dialogue that you and I have shared, you said that I may have retained my connection with the 4D when I incarnated. What does that mean in terms of lower and higher self? Does it mean that I didn’t completely separate from my higher self, or is the 4D connection kept in some other way?

Lots of fun questions, right? 😁

With love and gratitude 🙏🏻 ❤️