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* Is there a particular age when this (distortion) generally happens or does it vary depending on the individual and the amount of conditioning one receives?
* Is it a gradual process, perhaps spanning over several years or does it happen quicker? For example if there is some kind of trauma that causes dissociation?
* If it is a gradual process, at what age is the process generally completed? Teens?

Yes of course it will depend very much on the individual and the conditons, but we might also talk in terms of some genralities: in the Openhand Approach, the soul already incarnates with the 'personality' - that being the natural soul ray harmonic (see the 7 rays of the soul). And it already comes in with karma, which starts to shape the appropriate environment event before birth. People say the personality - what we here mean by ego - starts to shape between the ages of 2-4. But then it is built upon by life's circumstances and the various challenging situations people encounter.

I believe it's a gradual process, yes, but can also be accelerated by particular causes - trauma for example and also at puberty by the release of hormones - which tends to cause the formation of the Inner Teenager identity. I believe the distortion continues until there's complete commitment to unwinding identity - including spiritual identity.

Would a child actively "push out the higher consciousness of the soul?" Interesting question - yes, I've actually witnessed that happening, where a child and teenager just wants to "be like everyone else" and so therefore actively supresses the emergence of soul.

* Is there something we can do to prevent this separation from happening or is it ‘meant’ to happen? For example, as a parent, can we help our kids to stay connected, or is it not really up to us?

This is a million dollar question! If there is karma, it's almost certainly going to create some layer of identity, no matter what. But as a parent, we can work to minimise the build up of resistant layers. I've witnessed that the souls currently coming in - in teenage years and younger - are very advanced indeed and highly connected (as a generality). A major aspect is working towards soul sovereignty - put simply, many do not like even the feeling of 'being told what to do', being advised or even guided. It seems they came here to figure things out for themselves, even and especially if that involves making 'mistakes'.

I've observed the very worst thing to do in these situations is try to smother, mother, project or control in any way - they 'smell' it a mile off! What does work well however, is holding an unconditional space for their inquiry - to allow them to do the things they feel to do and to make the mistakes they need to make. I'd add a caveat here though - when they're younger, it's wise to work to establish sensible boundaries in behavourisms (limits on screen time and junk food for example), but always working to involve them in establishing the boundaries - so they're not 'imposed from on high'. That way you empower them to make their own choices from an early age.

But as they grow, the boundaries will almost certainly have to progressively soften with the demand for their own sovereignty and empowerment - and so as not to antagonise, thereby creating unnecessary friction and disharmony. It requires an enormous amount of trust on behalf of the parent - especially as they're are so many aluurements in society - excessive distraction through technology for example and the prevalence of recreational drugs.

Here's the crucial point to hoist on board with kids as they grow older - you won't likely be there when they're exposed to these influences as they grow older. And so they must find their own reasons for alignement through the experiences. If they perceive you becoming controlling, they'll likely close down and not even speak about what they're up to. But if you've gained their trust, they'll likely share plenty of their journey. It then becomes possible to influence by asking empowered questions - how did that (behaviour) work out for you? (for example).

With regards to your 'higher 4D connection' - you're coming to Köln right? In which case, why don't we explore it there. Slightly Smiling

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