26/10/20 Daily Journal Update: I enjoyed delivering the latest Openhand Facebook LiveStream Saturday on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Spiritual Response - thanks everyone in the community for your marvellous support - I could feel you all in the ether Heart

The main theme of the LiveStream was how the field is strongly alchemising right now with the light coming in but the shadow state working to lock things down. I talked about how the financial system that underpins society is strongly changing and that it would come to impact all our lives. BUT, that doesn't mean we need to become the victims of change - far from it. Change ALWAYS presents profound opportunity; it's inertia and being bogged down in old patterns and behaviours that's the problem.

I especially talked about three areas of life we can work on in order to open up the flow (that of the soul), because these are where the maximum opportunity for growth and change are: relationships, careers/jobs and general living circumstances. What we're talking about here is working with the mirror. What do I mean by that? The crucial thing is NOT to be sleep walking each day through past patterns of behaviour - just allowing the cycles to repeat with no conscious involvement. There are three keys to watch for: Key 1 is to be constantly observing yourself in all that you do. You become the observer of yourself. Key 2 is to watch for the triggers that push deep inner buttons of tightness and resistance - that you might be overriding. Key 3: is to then regress back into these moments, visualising and feeling into the triggers - what were you attached to? What were you afraid of? How did you need it to go a certain way?

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Now you have a phenomenal opportunity to alchemically change. Because these touch points are where the soul is fragmenting into reality and getting stuck. This is where you then create a reactive identity that tries to distract from the pain of the trigger by covering it over. People then bury the trigger under distraction and denial through unconscious behaviours, consumption and surpression of self. But once you allow the triggers to activate, then you can work into them using the Breakthrough Approach. You reclaim the lost fragment of soul that was buried there and integrate it.

When you've done this for a consistent period of time, you actually transition across to becoming the mainstream of your soul. The process is called "Realignment". This is absolutely fundamental, because now you are actually living in the flow itself. You have the capacity to alchemise life itself, and especially now that's going to be highly influential with everything transforming strongly on the planet. (check out the book 5Gateways for a deeper understanding of how to undertake the Realignment).

So today I'm encouraging all to be actively engaging with the outer mirror in those three key areas of life: relationships, jobs and general living circumstances. Let's work boldly to open up an inner space so the soul can more strongly engage with life. Do check out the lead article above for more insight...
Unwinding Inner Identities as an 'Engine' for Enlightenment

I wish you a productive and alchemical day!
PS - and do feel free to ask questions below if you'd like more clarity on any particular issue. Thinking

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