When I read the steps one must take to “purify our inner world” many fears begin to pop up for me.  I have fasted on a mountain, done sweat lodges, done detox diets, even walked on hot coals…all experiences that lead me to believe that this cleansing you have outlined is very necessary.  I also, however, have some rather large stumbling blocks towards making some of the changes you have mentioned and that puts the fear statement in my mind of “What if I never have a pure temple?”…I know that this is not the intended result of your guidance and I know that it is purely the human construct of fear that even allows this statement to be in print before my eyes.  I wanted to post vulnerably, however, just in case others have fears surrounding this as well and desire to obtain guidance on how to overcome some of them and attempt to do our best work toward the purification of our temple. 

I have already eliminated processed foods (I was sort of called to do that when they began making me feel sick at the thought of consuming them) and I was fortunate for the ease with which this happened.  I drink plenty of clean water and I exercise, do yoga, meditate and the like.  I would love to eat an entirely organic diet, but due to finances, I am unable to afford feeding myself and my family with fresh, local foods.  This is probably one of the reasons I constantly tell my beloved that I want to have a reciprocal living situation (much to their shock and dismay and producing statements like “you are so weird!” and (typically from my mom)  “I don’t know where you came from”).  I also would love to be able to go completely vegetarian, but due to an emergency stomach surgery resulting from scar tissue pulling and twisting it in half, I am unable to process enough protein and become quite ill if I go too long merely on vegetables.  A lot of my fear is concerning the animals, so that is one place where I do spend what little extra I can afford so as not to consume protein from mistreated animals as that would break my heart. 

With regards to my living space it is uncluttered, clear and I try to do everything from an Ayurvedic intention.  I have minerals, crystals and many other natural elements that keep it peaceful and tranquil when I choose to turn everything that is not natural off and experience the clarity that comes with the silence.  I do love my music, my ipad, etc. but I have learned how to use them purposefully and in moderation.  I have not been on social media for over three and ½ years and I feel quite satisfied with that (once difficult) decision.  I am intrigued by, and excited to implement, some of your ideas concerning “electrosmog”, I especially thank you for that (as well as the section on Heavy Metals) as those are something I can work on without too much difficulty or fear 😉

Regarding clothing I attempt to wear more natural fabrics, but also create clothing from various pieces I find at the goodwill or second hand shop that I feel hold good energy.  Due to the nature of my obtaining those fabrics I often do not know the exact makeup.  I am going to go with intent here and hope for the best 😉.

I rarely watch television nor was I ever allowed much growing up, so that one is easy (my parents also did not buy into the soda pop scene, so I never had to deal with that horrible addiction that many of my friends have struggled with).  I do, however, sometimes find myself wanting to watch tv and then have, admittedly done some Netflix binge watching…I don’t feel it change my space, but I will definitely look out for it next time I feel the urge.  Thank you for pointing out the possible effects of that. 

When thinking of thoughts, emotions, psychic attack and karma I feel I do the work consistently and my practice is in constant evolution.  I do not allow those around me, especially my children, to use words that are hurtful, judgmental or labeling…I cringe when I hear someone passing judgement and try to always make it clear that people have “bad actions” that does not make them “bad people”.  Recently, because of this web site, I have adopted the statement “that is their journey”, which helps me disconnect from bad behaviors around me.  I have been under many psychic attacks and I have used my karmic debt to sabotage myself even…all of this, though, has recently been unhinging from my soul, so I am ok with my progress and satisfied with my conscientious contribution to others, the world, the planet, the universe.  I will continue to do the best I can with the constant intention for the highest good and openly admit when I get it wrong, without laying excuses on top of my admission.  These are all things that I can do for free and I appreciate your outlining these topics so succinctly to remind me where to focus my intent.

Regarding the fears, however, I have some questions.  If I am unable to completely purify, will that prohibit me from something?  Will I have a constant blockage that won’t allow me to be complete and whole?  Will there be an element of the 5d shift that will make some of these things possible, since they are not always possible in the current societal structure?  Do you have any suggestions on how I can trend towards any of these things with baby steps?  Any information that you can provide would be highly valued.  I really appreciate your post and guidance and hope to do my best at achieving as much purification as I am able to.   Stay blessed and thanks again for this post!




“This light of mine is not so little”