Hi Aphroheidi, thanks for posting your thoughts despite the vulnerability. Greatly appreciated Heart

You talked about your fear...

“What if I never have a pure temple?”

Let's tackle that right away - I don't believe you ever will, nor anyone! In this sense, 'pure' would mean perfectly aligned, the perfect vibration. Yet of course all phenomenal experiences are relative and therefore there is no absolute purity. But if there is fear coming up around that, then it's a great opportunity to work into. I'd also suggest exploring concepts/conditioning like.... "I will never be good enough!" How many people have had parents who often challenged or always expected more? It's often seen as good parenting to instruct - but so often, to a small child, what that really does is say.... "what I'm doing is not acceptable or good enough". "I'm a failure". So the first thing would be to regress into situations like this, and feel the tightness around it.

When you're in the midst of such tightness, then to ask.... "good enough for whom?" You are a unique being. There is no one exactly like you in the Universe. And therefore, how can you not be good enough? It's like saying to a flower, or a bee, or a bird - you're not good enough. When you contemplate it deeply, it just doesn't hold water, it doesn't make sense. What you do, around something in particular, in the eyes of someone else, might not be good enough - for them. But 'what's good enough for them' is always going to be based on their own conditioning, their own karma, and crucially, their own relativistic perspective of reality. Contemplate this deeply, you can never not be good enough to be you. 

That said, you'll know, within your own being, that there are certain alignments and conditions that support greater divine connectivity, greater expansion, greater peace and at-one-ment. And you'll likely know which behaviours support that and which don't. Like the food we eat for example, and what we infuse into our consciousness. But there will be many challenges to that, it's not always straightforwards.

Take for example the concept of "not getting enough protein" on a plant-based diet. I do understand why people would say this - because so many have been conditioned from very young that we need animal based protein. Yet look around you at countless creatures in nature, some of the most powerful and strong, that clearly get ample protein from plants. Check out youtube for the countless vegan bodybuilders and athletes around these days who'll testify to the beneficial aspects of plant-based - they're clearly getting enough protein. Personally I've been vegan for about 16 years and reduced to just one meal a day (mainly) several months back - which has actually given me more energy and strength. So i do believe the 'lack of protein' issue is a grand illusion.

However, when switching to plant-based, it is going to bring up a lot of stuff to be worked through. On the physical side, if you're system is used to animal protein over plenty of years, there'll be major detoxing that takes place (which can take years), which at times will contract your consciousness and lower vibration - because of the tightness that can come up. And there's also the transition from animal protein gut biotics to plant-based, which I found was a major transition too, which causes lots of physical discomfort. Then there'll be the challenges to DNA programming which took place during the intervention - but which can be realigned through plenty of meditation. Then there will also likely be karma to work through and a fair amount of self doubts. So don't expect a smooth ride, but if you feel the will at a soul level, then that's a reason to persist and continue. Always watch for the objective synchronicity to guide the way, even if at first the path seems to contract you.

Another big part of following the path of raising vibration will be commitment. Commitment and willpower often seem to go against surrender and acceptance. So how do you find the natural commitment to a path, which seems to be counter to surrender? AWARENESS is always the key. If you believe a path is right for you, and the synchronicity supports it, yet you can't find the will, then the essential thing is to keep bringing awareness into your feelings about that particular step. Say for example working to give up binge eating - instead of simply giving in to the compulsion each time, instead bring awareness into the feelings when you resist the compulsion. You don't have to stop it in one big step - just work into the feelings a little more and a little longer each time. Explore self-judgment, which tends to form blind spots which then block out increased awareness. Be honest with yourself about the downside of following the conditioning. But then commit to progressive small step changes and keep paying attention to the expansion benefits. That way consciousness shifts progressively over time and you feel a direction which is supporting your evolution. Be gentle with yourself yes, but also work to find the commitment through increased confrontation of the issue and increased awareness.

Aphroheidi you said...

I will continue to do the best I can with the constant intention for the highest good and openly admit when I get it wrong, without laying excuses on top of my admission. 

That's the key - work to do the best you can, accept what you are and what you're able to do at this point. But work toward what you know is the highest good (the soul always knows!) and keep bringing increased awareness to the challenges but working through any self-judgment about "not being good enough". We are all good enough!

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