Thank you so much, Open, for taking the time to thoroughly explain some things that I had learned from the mouths of Medical Doctors, whom are only "practicing" medicine after all ;)  I had been told, by more than one, that my stomach surgery caused the breakdown of the plant proteins to give me painful and significant gas.  I took that as a reason that I could not continue my vegetarian diet.  The way that you have explained it, however, shows me that it could have been my body rejecting the plan because of what it was used to getting.  I think I will try again and work through that long enough to see if I can gain better perspective.  

I am also in great appreciate of your mentioning that none of us will ever be "pure".  A healer friend of mine keeps telling me that the only way to truly "ascend" will be to have a pure body, mind and soul.  I try to be conscientious at all times (even to the point of not driving in the HOV or two or more person lane when it is my kiddos in the car with me, because the purpose of the lane is to get drivers off of the road) and I love well with heart and soul and give all that I can in love and respect to myself and others.  It has been the constant nagging of my not being able to overcome my food challenges that have put up some serious barriers to my joy.  In brining the awareness to it, as you mentioned, in my meditation this morning, I was able to see that the fear truly was blocking me from actually "feeling" what I need rather than listening to others state what they think I need.  Another thing that is so simple that I am baffled that I missed it, lol!  Another example of Occam's razor rearing it's head in my life.  

I am thinking of doing a fast for a couple of days and then taking on the journey of moving to vegetables only.  I will take the baby steps that synchronize with my inner most feelings about food.  Already, I eat mindfully (often annoying others at the table because I take so long to eat, lol!), so I enjoy food immensely, lol!  Growing up cauliflower was always my favorite food and I have never wavered on that...maybe an all cauliflower diet (can be made so many ways) will be a good way to start the first day...I am off to discover!  Thank you so much, again, for your responses and for your guidance.  



"This light of mine is not so little"