As I read this I got shivers in the back of my head and felt the cosmic higher dimensionary shift. I also saw ‘’Open’’ had emerged fully and saw a passing through of another gateway of the former soul Chris Bourne completely. It must feel different for you in this dense realm.

How challenging walk ins could be , as remnants of the old struggles, a little bit like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly……. Truly a transformation.

Am I right by understanding ‘’Open’’ is a separate soul , a cosmic traveller from Chris Bourne (who is also a cosmic traveller of Open), who emerged with your original soul and now the former has ascended and Open has a new level of work to do ? Or might one say he is in a sense a ‘future self’ of the very same soul in service to assist humanity during this 5 th dimensional shift ? Can be quite confusing to get the head around!.

Thank-you for your service Open ! There is very much a feeling of not being confined to space and time in your planetary and individual shift/clearing work- a feeling of being very much in the spirit soul source open space. Glad for the unfolding of the Openhand work to the next level…..