Hi All,

Well what another cosmic shift in Openhand! Maybe this is where the work really starts!

I wonder what any newbies feel on reading this blog, could be a bit mind-blowing?!

Having travelled with Openhand since early days, I've got kind of used to accepting things of "cosmic" proportions in two ways: on the one hand as a cosmic happening and on the other hand as an everyday integration. ( Just as things often feel both "out there" and "normal" as one learns to walk the path.)

I feel very blessed to have known Chris Bourne, and send heartfelt thanks to him for his part in such amazing Divine service. Having witnessed many of the challenges around him passing through the 5 Gateways and also witnessed the energy of Open dancing around Chris's soul and through Chris's bodymind, I can really realise what a challenge it has been. It's like I've lived through something that was lots of bits of a jig saw which sort of hung together but which I now see really clearly as the bigger picture they were part of.