Dear Open - welcome to planet earth. I very much look forward to meeting you.

I find this very fascinating and very exciting and look forward to hearing more about you.

I am also sad that Chris has gone and wondered if he would be working with Openhand but in a different way or whether his work is done here.

As I walked along the seafront today, I had Chris in mind (and heart)and came across a big banner outside a sailing club which said 'SAIL FOR GOLD' and underneath it said 'INSPIRATION, CONFIDENCE & SUPPORT' - things that Chris had given me. Later on I used the pubs loo and in the sink (normally these loos are spotless) was an empty drinks can 'MONSTER ENERGY',it said on the outside. Some of you may remember I came across one of those cans in the sixth senses walk on level 2.

with much love Myra x