Hey dude wasson? How long's been? And do I know you?

I don't know...

Who am I? Rayko, and that's all I know... for sure
A 21 year old
That started a PhD in physics, yesterday.
THz radiation is his topic of research
And everything is always more Vivid & Lucid
When you absorb and interprate more Information.
He's a kid that, on average, has acquired 38 tunes per week
This year, and that's 5 up from the last 4.
I don't know where I'm going with this...
I have a loving family, Aunty even gave me a little golden key
The key to "success, happiness, health, prosperity!" as she calls it,
but I remember now, where I was going with this
The philosophical question of; Who am I? just get's moved beyond the body
To the Soul
I asked, a Psychic Medium, when did I first incarnate on this planet,
1500s was his reply.
But another one said I was in Atlantis o.O
And then I know if we lost the knowledge to the technology with which I am currently communicating to you right now, well we lived in the same mud huts for half a million years during Lemuria, so would we really be evolving?
But more importantly, how do I know this? O.o
Was I the ancient Atlantean God that ate food, right before everything went to s**t?
Was my first "normal" human incarnation in the 1500s?
Did I chuck that rock at this planet because my body got eaten, by one them dino things, whilst meditating on: How to make this planet ascend?
Did I really stand on my ship and press that button?
I can't remember.
Has it really been 67 million years since I landed on this lil beautiful planet?
A proper trooper she is...

I can no longer be asked to deal with these thoughts alone, so I Rayko Ivanov Stantchev, thank you for reading them.
Way of the lone wolf is over and now allow me to bestow upon you the concept of
the Qhala - when a collective group of beings chooses to collaborate with an efficiency such that they experience a oneness in regards to solving the problems associated with the self-organization of the universe.
I'm gona go write more of that tune, To Dance in the Rain, you know the one.