Dear Open,
Since I met you for the first time I had the feeling that you were much more than just a 'normal' human being. This energy around you got more and more intense over the course of time and when I saw you at the Level 4 two weeks ago I was blown away. Thank you for bringing your light into this realm! Since I am involved with openhand you inspired me lots of time to walk my path and to shed layer after layer! It is thanks to Chris and you that I am where I am now. I know that it was me who took responsibility for my evolution but without your decision to come to earth and to make the 5 Gateways documentary (which my soul was looking for for so long) I might still be lost in the drama of the Matrix. So I am deeply grateful for your work!

And as I love to remember your words: when is the time to change something? --> NOW
So lets do it all together! Every moment counts :-)