Hi Les is More,

Yes it's an interesting question. I wondered why it had not been asked previously.

Actually I have ascended before so I don't have lower realm karma. And there are a few reasons why my soul chose to walk-in. Firstly, if you're already enlightened, it would be a real challenge to incarnate in the usual fashion here in this realm, especially carrying the energy I do, which is quite confrontational and catalytic. When the way you are tends to question people's very reason for being, it can be pretty dangerous. I already found myself slapped inside a hospital and pumped full of drugs twice! Fortunately, due to the physical/mental maturity, I was able to cope and deal with it. Heaven only knows how some star souls manage.

What brought me was the collective yearning I could feel to resolve the current situation on Earth. And since I have an in-depth understanding of the intervention having worked with it through the eons, then I found myself naturally drawn here. But I had to 'hit the ground running' so to speak. Otherwise it would have been quite dangerous for me. OC tried to prevent my incarnation as it was, which is what caused the car crash.