Yes indeed, Chris did some very interesting and invaluable training in many spheres which I'm able to call on now. It's like having an instant download!

I can say my soul would not have completed the walk-in unless the previous soul had first completed his journey here. That's why we co-existed for several years. I could not allow someone else's journey to suffer unnecessarily because of mine.

No one escapes the laws of cause and affect. Everything you express has its affects and consequences. But karma only really happens when you're not present and thus form some kind of identity around a particular situation (which includes insensitivity). So if all your actions are done in truth, without attachment nor denial, you can't build karma - at least not individual karma. But you could be affected by cosmic or higher dimensional karma where you're working to process out something at the collective level and in which you have some kind of 'investment'. In other words your soul struggles a touch to find the right attunement in a given situation.