Ascension..."See" with inner eye when tuned into feelings and thoughts patterning of behavioral experiences yields a top down multi dimensional view...thank you for that perspective
Do the elite groups "know" they are working on their behalf? was the first question that popped into my mind.
Ancient Agenda
Possible example...When my oldest son was 5yrs old, Jurassic Park was a big hit. The premise was John Hammond was the founder of a bioengineering company that created an island of "cloned" dinosaurs. The DNA was extracted from the dinosaurs but the strands were incomplete, so DNA from frogs were used to fill in the gaps...Hmmm It was very alarming to me that my young son was being exposed to terminology that he could not comprehend and had the potential to desensitize him to the full ramifications of those concepts, I was 26yrs old and I wondered what effect this will have on our world. I was appalled that a company would subject children to that and in my confusion I started to look underneath the flashy loud distractions and realized it was intentional. Within that time frame Monsanto came to my conscious mind as well...that was 13yrs ago.
Another tid bit...The Human Genome Project was coordinated in 1990 by the US Department of Energy with workshops that began in 1984. The $3 billion project was funded by the US Department of Energy and National Institutes of Health. Monsanto has been funding attractions at Disney land with the Hall of Chemistry that opened in "Tomorrowland" in July showed the romance of chemistry and how chemically made products will benefit your life and make for a new and startling tomorrow" Parents brought their children here, they were attracted to the wonders of it all, the lights, the newness, the packaging was sensational!! Also in 1957 the Monasanto House of the Future was displayed which was almost entirely synthetic.
Fast forward to today....I observe and really look around and the feelings come, thoughts flow. On April 3, 2013 when Obama announced a federal brain mapping project which the US will fund $3 billion dollars (sheesh that's a lot of 3's) it will "spur the development of new therapies" is the packaging projected. My alarms went off quite loudly when I read that. I had a physical reaction that gripped my gut and took my breath away as the "suffocation" grew...
Well, I only absorbed the first few paragraphs of this extraordinary article at this point when I had to stop and let it all flow through. Thank you for all, the compassion grows. I love it all! Glorious day