Thanks for your article. Sometimes a gentle-nudge like the above is what is necessary to disperse the "white noise" of the OC as you call it, and to return to the center point where the higher self is harmonically aligned and one with our physical entity. I live in Dubai and am geographically close to what you could say the "converging point of drama" on this planet. In hindsight now I understand why I moved here 6 years ago from Australia, to physically ground my energy within this region, which I intend on doing more so as the attempted strikes of the OC escalates. We all play pivotal roles in the ascension of our planet and people, and we should not take our role too 'lighty' (pardon the pun). Unforunately sometimes I am guilty of doing just that, and you are right in describing the OC myriad of pschic tools as the culprit for causing imbalances of consciousness.
Regardless as you say, our light resonating out is like kryptonite for the OC, and as long as we stay grounded and centered in our true conciousness, and continually clear our energy systems on a daily basis, light will overcome and the world return to its true state of blissful manifestation (sooner rather than later hopefully). Stay strong, centered and fill your body, mind and heart with the light which is our essence, and fight for truth using the strongest weapon we have at our disposal - L O V E !!
Once again thankyou for your wise words.