Hi Christine,

You ask a great question:

    "The aspects you describe sound very similar to me to what I have long thought of as ego consciousness - fear based responses, attraction to drama, domination through exploitation of power and/or resources, an inner lack of peace or balance. What is the importance of the distinction, i.e. is it important to solidly identify these tendencies as forces as OC, or is it enough to realize these are the aspects to which I am enslaved (because that much is clear!)?"

Many people will simply experience their ego and believe it is only that which is limiting them. In a sense that is correct. And in many ways, as Apollonius said, 'OC can actually inadvertently help you exactly because it shines darkness on aspects of your ego'. So it's like the ego gets 'spiked'. It helps as long as you are watching the ego.

This is the reason that for a long time, we have not spoken in depth about OC. We've instead focused on helping people work at the ego level. But right now, an acceleration of the control is happening and many people are trying to figure out why? Many people are struggling to make sense of it all. Why is society going the way it is?

And also there are many deceptions being paraded within spiritual circles. Take free energy for example. It will likely be presented as a 'saving grace' to our energy problems. Another distraction because what we really need to accept, is realignment with the natural eco-systems. It's going to mean a lot fewer people consuming a lot less. And the likelihood is, a complete cleansing of the Earth's surface. If we can realise and accept that, it makes life a whole lot easier. It means we can surrender to the flow, there's much less struggle. Life becomes more peaceful and magical.

The other issue is that people are beginning to process past life karma - and there's much trauma in relation to what's happened during this intervention. Understandably in the beginning, people may go into a degree of fear about it. The point is, if you do, the fear is already in there. Better to confront it and process it out. Then all fear leaves you.

And by sharing the story of the intervention, I think over time it will make things easier for people. I often observe when I work with people, that prior to an unsderstanding of OC, the visions they see and energy they feel can be immensely overpowering and difficult to deal with. But when they understand the cause and how to work with it, then it becomes possible to deal with just about anything. It brings all into perspective.

So in summary, I would say if you only experience this currently at the level of ego, then keep working at that level and that's perfectly fine. But be aware that the journey will likely take you deep into karma at some point, and an understanding of this intervention can greatly help.

Very best wishes