Thanks, Open.

I resonate with many things you said above. I feel a sense of being open to possibility, as you said in the article. Interestingly, my budding awareness of this possibility (OC) has come through physical constriction in the back of my head and neck (when I think neck I think the center of personal will and also control - interesting!). I have had the issue for a while, but lately I feel I am experiencing/processing something beyond the experience of my own being. And as if to add more juice to that flow, a client of the energy work I do recently appeared for a session where she needed to address the intervention of aliens in her emotional world, how they keep her oriented to and feeling grief and fear. So I'm observing the synchronicities and am interested and ready for the next part of the journey, and my intuitive sense right now is that the information you are sharing is helpful. So thank you!

My next question would be: is the most beneficial part simply my awareness of this possibility (for that's what it feels like to me right now), or does this awareness direct me toward a different approach in moving into and through the constriction? You mention this:

"...prior to an unsderstanding of OC, the visions they see and energy they feel can be immensely overpowering and difficult to deal with. But when they understand the cause and how to work with it, then it becomes possible to deal with just about anything."

I'm keen on "the cause" part right now, so my question would be about the "how to work with it" part. :)

Thanks, and much love to the Openhand team,