I believe that the OC limit us the most in the way we teach mathematics!

I find it such a shame that it is taught so mundanely... You are never asked about the geometries of shapes, or the patterns in numbers but what is a number; you are only taught how to turn a mathematical grinder and that's it. Just seen as a tool that many use, but not as a way of using numbers to say that which you wish to say, exactly.

"The man who blames the supreme certainty of mathematics feeds on confusion, and can never silence the contradiction of sophistical sciences which lead to an eternal quackery" - page 161 of "The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci" by Pamela Taylor.

Music is just different frequencies all mixed in a harmonoius unison. It's just numbers dude! Few can comprehend the intricate mathematics behind the production of music. Ever seen a musical spectrum? You need to know Fourier theory in order to create it, and that which wikipedia sais about it; is barely the tip of the iceberg...

The ones that choose to use mathematics in order to say what they wish to say, are called physicists. The ones that have built the technology of our civilization.

There's no other way of interpreting it = no confusion about what the other means.