Hi All, I’d like to comment on Open’s first tenet, geo-engineering. Earlier this year I found myself involved in working directly with Nature on this issue. I was supported through a succession of learning experiences, and one of the most important ones was concerned with the ways in which chemtrails have not just a chemical effect on us, but also impact on our sense of personal power. For example, many ‘chemtrail aware’ people will look up at the skies and feel an overwhelming sense of fear that we are being bombarded daily and there is nothing we can do about it.
I too felt this sense of disempowerment – and how could I work with Nature if I felt She was being overwhelmed by the attack too? Our communal fear hinders Nature’s processes to maintain balance. I was reminded of the traditional South American cultures who envision their crops as ‘children’. They walk through the corn at the hottest part of the day, singing songs of encouragement to their corn children, and there is current anecdotal evidence of the positive effects of this practice on the quality of crops and plants.

So I realised I needed to be able to experience this confidence, that Nature has the innate capacity to withstand any extreme conditions. I was shown several ways in which She balances the chemical attacks (and also the tirade of unnatural vibrations and waves from HAARP, ELF etc). Some of these include ‘singing’ the unhealthy electro-magnetic waves back into harmonious frequencies. I was also shown that there are vast clouds of micro-organisms high up in the atmosphere, they have the ability to ‘digest’ the chemicals from chemtrails into less harmful matter. If the original chemtrail matter is toxic to them or just indigestible, then Nature beings can ‘sing’ the chemicals into a more digestible form for the micro-organisms. As the chemtrail producers change the formulas to evade digestion, so Nature is constantly flexible in responding to the conditions.

This information was very helpful and I was able to connect with people all over the planet at an energetic level, to reflect our gratitude and also to ‘sing’ our songs of encouragement back to Nature.
The chemtrails keep on coming, yet this year I have been looking up to the skies and singing with joy at the normal cotton-wool clouds and beautiful blue which has prevailed this summer.
Let us all sing together in gratitude and encouragement to Nature!