Thank you for this article...I see myself in every bit!

Wanted to share an experience I recently had. I have been going to the same yoga class for 6 years and have gone through many levels of attachment to my teacher. I have projected a lot onto him...and I I had tried to fill many needs be liked, appreciated, special, to get knowledge, to grow. Since there was such a self created cloud between us, I felt incredible anxiety around him because I couldn't figure out how to be to "achieve" my grand goal of acceptance and love. I experienced a pretty big shift with this recently and feel quite in front now...not looking for something from someone comes up but I keep working with it and expanding back to a place of Self reliance...being mindful of when I feel the urge to put someone else out front for me to follow. Lately I have been feeling so in love inside - being mindful to not project it onto another, yet last night I felt a natural urge to approach my teacher after class and give him a hug and tell him how I appreciate him and am grateful for his presence...there was no seeking or needing or anxiety about it felt so clear and right. I feel like I really saw him for the first time and that I really let myself be seen.

There is still some trepidation in knowing the soul as the only teacher I need...I feel a sense of aloneness when I contemplate this and watch as there is a searching for something more solid and sure seeming - and then I keep coming back to knowing this is where I have given my power away many's never served me to disempower myself - perhaps given a false sense of security but in the end I've come back to the same place.

I find this article so reassuring!

Thanks you,